Thursday, June 12, 2014

End of the Year Reflection

This year in art was most definitely a learning experience for me. Before starting art class I never really tried to bring out my creative side, and I was hesitant to paint or draw or create. In class, I not only learned some skills to help improve my work, but I also learned to be comfortable with expressing myself through art. I am proud of the fact that I really have opened up to art, and that I tried hard with every piece I made. Art class was a great way to wind down from the stress of the day and unwind by just putting the brush to the page. 

Time Capsule

The time capsule was a great project to end the year on. It brought a forth a lot of reflection for me, as I head into my final year of high school. The items I included in my box were mostly school related, because school is such a huge part of my young life. I included old tests, pictures, notes, schedules, pieces of paper that ere dated, and one long winded, cheesy, and (hopefully) funny letter to my future self. I chose all of my items based on a certain criteria. They were mostly bits and pieces of things that probably won't follow me into my future, with a few exceptions. The things I put in my box were all very specific to my junior year and what school was like for me, and they will hopefully spark fond memories in my future self.