Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blue Collection

In class, we have recently started a collection of blue objects. For this assignment, I had to choose a section of our collection and write about it. This was the picture I took. 
I chose this section because I thought it said a little about the society we lived in. In this picture, I saw a lot of plastic and paper packaging, stuff that is considered wasteful. I thought it said a lot about the world we all live in today, and how we all waste more than past times. It made me think about my habits as well, because it made me think about how as a person I didn't do as much as I could to not waste things. In a way, this collection does reflect my life, not only because blue is my favorite color, but because like most people today I take part in a generation that is wasting more things than ever before. I thought I saw a lot of waste in the works of Portia Munson, which made me wonder if she was trying to convey a message about the waste in our society. 

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